3D CAD Modeling

CAD has revolutionized the process of creating prototypes and manufacturing physical products and 3D visualization increasingly takes the lead in metal and other industries.

If your area of working is manufacturing or selling and you need a 3D CAD model, you are in the right place.

Brodbot 3D CAD team have experience with working from the simplest to complex and detailed designs, also with configurations and videos. Not only we can convert 2D drawings into 3D projects, but we can also improve your already existing 3D models.

If your products contain sheet metal parts, we can model it and give you folded and flat version with all dimension and informations. And if your customers are struggling with your product installation we can put your instructions into a simple 3D video.

If you have complex 3D models of your products and you need to see relationships between parts, we can provide that for you and if it is necessary we can remodel your products quickly according to the actual state.

In addition to 3D CAD models according to your requirements in 3D CAD projects we can include documentation, specifications with corresponding dimensions, materials and other.

Solution areas:

  • 2D to 3D CAD conversion

  • Product modeling (mechanical parts, furniture...)

  • Parametric modeling

  • 3D CAD modeling for solid sheet metal parts and assemblies

  • 3D CAD modeling from existing mechanical components

  • Product configurations

  • Renders of products

  • Video (with animation of some parts, instructions, etc.)

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Using 3D CAD designs we can analyse the product and ensure maximum efficient product. With mutual cooperation we can do a lot to improve the whole process.


We invest the time in understanding the appropriate standards so our efforts are as accurate and widely understood as possible.


We create 3D models for marketing presentations and departmental level communication. That means we can display a realistic representation of your products.