10 Exciting Facts You Didn’t Know About Augmented Reality

1.The term AR: “Augmented reality” was coined at Boeing in 1990 by researcher Tom Caudell.

2.AR had existed before. Its development can be traced back to 1968: when John Sutherland, a computer scientist at Harvard in 1968, developed the first head-mounted or virtual reality heads-up display for virtual reality (the spookily named Sword of Damocles) which opened the pathway for all the wearable technology that was to come in the coming future.

3.VR and AR are not twins –

Even today, many people confuse virtual reality and expanded reality and take them as a twin, which they really are not.

VR gives you a virtual world that is a simulated world that gives you a whole new experience, and sometimes unreal.

AR is the technology that virtual objects put into the actual environment around you, ultimately increasing the visualization and perception of the reality that surrounds you.

4. Otherwise, there are two main ways to run AR: based on marker or location:

Marker-based: A real-world tag or object or photo can be scanned to trigger an extended reality experience.

Based on Location: Being in a specific location can trigger the AR experience.

5. AR will cure Phobia

AR isn’t all about games and entertainment. It cures Phobia.

AR has become one of the most famous forms of therapy that are practiced worldwide.

6.AR is being used in the healthcare field to treat depression, anxiety, autism, PTSD and even nicotine addiction with Mindcotine.

7. Disney is using AR

A Disney Research team has developed technology that projects coloring book characters in 3D while you’re still working on coloring them.

8. Did you know that the famous game used by AR, Pokemon Go, reached a peak of forty-five million users per day in July 2016? However, the amount dropped to thirty million next month and then continued to decline.

The game was associated with numerous crimes, including attacks, theft, bad driving, and robbery. As a result, developers have complained about downloading private parks through the game.

9. Though Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality started gaining success at the same time and are expected to generate billions of dollars, but Augmented Reality is believed to have extreme potential to become one of the popular technology for the mainstream use.

Well, we cannot deny the potential of Virtual Reality which could be the best for gaming applications as it can give a great immersive experience. But this completely immersive experience could be a downside for its usage in other fields.

10. AR technology could be a real benefit for NASA, as it can help in augmenting the effectiveness of navigation devices. In 1999, NASA made use of AR for the first time for flying the X-38 by utilizing the special AR dashboard for navigation.





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